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RVLogin for WHM


To use RVLogin for WHM single sign-on, you MUST first allocate one RVLogin Gateway Server as login URL. Once allocated and installed, your server admins have to login in via RVLogin URL with root privilege and your password. If RV2Factor exists in your accounts, your server admins must validate their identities before being granted into the single sign-on page of all WHM servers under control. If no RV2Factor exists, you server admins just go through a single sign-on process which is unsecured by 2-Factor Authentication.

RVLogin for SSH


To use RVLogin for SSH single sign-on, you MUST also allocate an RVLogin Gateway Server like that of WHM single sign-on. Plus, RV2Factor is required for enabling the single sign-on. Thus, every access via SSH to your servers will be validated by the 2-Factor Authentication. Better than never. Your RVLogin is free for the single sign-on. RV2Factor adds more values to your security. Don't take risks with unsecured access to SSH servers. Use RVLogin with RV2Factor Today.

RVLogin for SSH and WHM


Therefore, RVLogin can be your WHM and SSH single sign-ons. For WHMs, your RV2Factor activation is optional, while, for SSHs, RV2Factor activation is always required. Above all, this RVLogin is one among the most secured single sign-on tools for your web-hosting business.


RVLogin is always Free